The Best Ways to Make Gambling Deposits Online

One of the biggest questions asked by many new online gamblers is simply "How can I deposit money into my online gambling accounts?" There are a variety of online gambling banking methods available, offering payment options for everyone, from those with existing e-wallet accounts to those that don't even have their own bank account! This page offers a quick look at many of the best online gambling banking methods available to players today.

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Credit Cards

In 2022, credit cards are used as a primary means of payment at internet gambling sites. Online gambling with credit cards is one of the easiest ways to make deposits, allowing players to have instant access to funds on almost any gambling site. In fact, credit card online gambling may be the most widely used deposit methods in the industry today, and so our team has gone through the online casino options for credit card users here.

How Credit Card Online Gambling Works

The method through which players make credit card online gambling deposits is quite simple, and goes a long way towards explaining the method’s popularity. If you’ve ever made a purchase at an online store using a credit card, you’re probably quite familiar with the entire process (with one minor difference).

First, you’ll need to find your online gambling site’s cashier or banking section. There, you’ll either find a “credit card” option, or possibly options for each brand of credit card. Choose the appropriate option, and you’ll be prompted to input your credit card information, just as you would do when checking out at an online store. Of course, you’ll also have to tell the site how much you want to deposit.

Once you’ve confirmed your information, the payment will be processed. If approved, the money should appear in your account immediately. Online gambling with credit cards is that fast and that easy – all it takes is a card and a few moments to fill out basic information.

Not All Cards Are Equal

While there are many different brands of credit cards that are widely used around the world, not all are equally suitable for credit card online gambling. By far, the most useful cards for online gambling are those branded with the Visa and MasterCard logos. Each of these cards are widely accepted, and both have high approval rates – though there are no guarantees, as individual banks dictate whether or not they will approve credit card online gambling transactions.

Other card types such as American Express, Discover, and Diner’s Club can be used, but tend to have lower rates of acceptance at online gambling sites. If you want to start online gambling with credit cards, these brands may be accepted at some sites, but you may run into sites where they are not supported. It’s also worth noting that while a given card may not work at one site, you may be able to enjoy online gambling with the credit card at other sites.

Why Credit Card Gambling Online?

If you’re looking for the fastest and simplest way to get money into an online gambling account, credit card online gambling is probably right for you. Since you’ll be using a credit card, you won’t need to take money directly from a banking account either, which can be seen as an advantage over debit cards (which are also quite popular as a deposit method).

At the same time, many people feel this is the one downside of online gambling with credit cards. For some individuals, it’s easy to get carried away and lose track of how much credit card online gambling they are doing and accrue large debts. For those who don’t want to worry about debt, debit cards or online banking deposit methods may be a better choice.

Do online casinos take credit cards?

Yes, credit cards are one of the most popular online payment methods around the world, so all online casinos, whether big or small, accept the popular types of credit cards. If your card is a Visa, Maestro or MasterCard you are likely to be able to play at any online casino of your choice. With less popular companies, it is best to first check whether your card is acceptable.

Are credit cards safe to use at online casinos?

As long as you choose a safe and reputable online casino, it is fine to use a credit card. Always pick well-known casinos that you have checked out and that have been reviewed by sources you trust, in order to ensure your maximum safety.

What are the advantages to using a credit card at casinos online?

Using credit cards at online casinos has many advantages, most of which have to do with speed. It is faster to sign up, faster to have the payment method authorized, faster to deposit real money, and faster to withdraw your winnings. The fees involved in credit card transactions are also minimal.

What types of credit cards are accepted?

The types of credit cards accepted depend on the online casino you have signed up for, but generally, you can use Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. Other cards are also acceptable depending on the casino and the intended audience.

Will I be charged for using a credit card to deposit when gambling online?

Casinos do not charge you for the deposit methods you choose to use. On the other hand, banks usually do – so if you are worried about online transfer charges, it is best to check with your card provider first.

Debit Cards

Online gambling with debit cards has become extremely popular with players. Most online gambling sites accept a variety of different debit cards, allowing players to instantly draw on their savings or checking accounts to fund their gambling. Debit card gambling is safe, secure and fast, making it a popular option for players worldwide. On this page our reviews team takes you through your best option for online betting with debit cards.

How Debit Card Online Gambling Works

In order to make a deposit into an online gambling site using your debit card, you’ll want to have the card in front of you, as you’ll need information from the card in order to verify the deposit. Most gambling websites will include a cashier section that lists debit cards (or debit card brands) as an option. Simply choose this option, input your information and the amount you want to deposit, and your funds will instantly be transferred into your gambling account.

Alternatively, if you don’t see a debit card option, you may be able to use your car by selecting a similar credit card option. Just like when you shop online, it’s likely that your card can be used as a credit card when online gambling with debit cards. This method often works even if a site doesn’t normally accept debit card online gambling deposits.

Advantages to Debit Card Gambling Online

Debit cards are one of the easiest and safest ways to make a gambling deposit online. Because these deposits are processed instantly, there’s no faster way to get money into your account than by online gambling with debit cards. Gambling sites also use the same kinds of encryption protocols that are popularly used by major online merchants, ensuring that your personal information will never be stolen.

Debit card online gambling can also be considered “safe” in another way. When you make a deposit using a debit card, you can never draw on money unless you actually have those funds in your bank account. This contrasts with credit card gambling, where you can deposit money up until you hit your credit limit. If you’re worried about getting carried away with your deposits, you might like the safeguards that exist when online gambling with debit cards.

Acceptance Rates for Debit Card Gambling Online

One concern that many players have when online gambling with their debit cards is whether or not the cards will be accepted or approved. While gambling sites are almost always happy to accept debit cards, you may sometimes find that the transactions are declined. This is because each bank determines whether they allow debit card online gambling, and some banks may automatically decline transactions flagged as being related to internet gambling.

However, just because your card is rejected at a certain site doesn’t mean it can’t be used at all. If you try it at another online casino, sportsbook, or poker room, you might find that you have better luck. It’s also worth trying a second card if your first one doesn’t work, as there may be different debit card online gambling policies in place for that card.

Is it safe to use my debit card to gamble online?

It is generally safe, if you are playing at trusted sites. Reputable online sites use heavy-duty security protocols to ensure that all your personal and banking information is only known to you and them. In order to stay safe when playing online, always play at online gaming sites that you trust.

What kinds of debit cards are accepted?

Generally, if you own a Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard debit card, you will be able to play at any gaming site of your choice. For other types of cards, it is best to check the list of accepted payment methods at the online casino you want to sign up for.

How fast are withdrawals and deposits by debit card?

There are a couple of factors to take into consideration when it comes to the speed of online transactions. The one that can slow you down the most is the speed at which the gaming site processes your deposit or withdrawals. The actual transactions into or from debit cards are usually almost instant.Different banks sometimes have different processing speeds however, so it is worth checking with them if you are unsure.

Will I be charged when using a debit card to deposit?

While reputable online casinos do not charge for transactions, your bank or card provider might have a transaction fee. So if you think there may be a transfer charge, you should contact your bank for more information.


Skrill (originally known as Moneybookers) is an e-wallet service based in the United Kingdom and one of the most popular and fastest payment methods by which players can transfer money to and from online casinos. With over 500 participating Skrill casinos (many of which are the best casinos in the industry) and 36 million members worldwide, they have emerged as a leader in the online gambling world and elsewhere. With a variety of funding methods, instant account access, and their global presence, it’s easy to see why.

What is Skrill actually?

Skrill (Moneybookers) is a type of an e-wallet. To be more precise, it is an e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Using Skrill, you are able to load your account with money, send it to various merchants, or withdraw your money back into cold, hard cash. Because of this, you do not have to provide any Skrill casino with your own financial information; it is all kept strictly with Skrill.

How to get a Skrill account?

Another big plus with Skrill is the ability to get your account running in just a few minutes. All you have to do is visit their website ( and fill out the registration form. Once you have registered, you are free to begin using it. In order to make a casino deposit, you will likely need to verify a few things however.

Who can use Skrill?

Skrill is home to many global businesses, meaning that people all around the world can create an account and start using it. Although Skrill does accept users from the United States of America, UIGEA regulations prevent them from allowing US players to make deposits to or withdrawals from any online gambling merchant.

How to deposit funds?

To make deposits to your Skrill account, you have a variety of options at your disposal. The single most common method is by using your credit or debit card. Skrill accepts all major credit cards and processes them instantly with only a 1.9% fee. In order to use this method, you’ll just need to verify your credit card through the Skrill website.

If you would like to make deposits without processing fees from Skrill, you may also use the wire transfer method. This cannot be done automatically. If you’re interested in using the wire transfer, you’ll need to start the transaction with your bank account using the details provided by Skrill. The transaction takes between 2 to 5 days.

Many locations also have access to certain local funding options. If you are on the list of supported countries, you will likely be able to send an automated bank transfer or cheque. Other options include third-party online payment services and less common credit cards. Most of these entail some kind of fee, so make sure you fully understand a method before using it.

How to withdraw funds?

When you decide to withdraw your funds from your Skrill account, you can do so via postal cheque or wire transfer internationally. Residents of most major areas also have access to an automated transfer, withdrawal back to a Visa credit card, or courier cheque. Each of these methods comes with a fee, so make sure you weigh the pros and cons of each before deciding which one to go with.

Are there any Skrill Limits?

Out of all the e-wallet solutions that can be used to fund and cashout your transactions, Skrill continues to be one of the most hassle-free. Although you will be faced with limits when you first create your account, they can be raised significantly with minimal effort. Depending on your location, you may be able to verify your identity, credit cards, and bank accounts to raise your limits.

Get your Skrill Prepaid MasterCard

If you live in virtually any European country, you can have access to your Skrill funds with a MasterCard directly linked to your balance. Just fill out the application on the website and if you qualify, you will be mailed your own prepaid card valid at any merchant that accepts MasterCard. With a €10 annual fee and only a €1.80 charge for ATM withdrawals anywhere in the world, it’s considered the best way to access your Skrill funds by the majority of Skrill users.


Neteller (occasionally stylised NETELLER or NETeller) is the most popular e-wallet solution for players looking to deposit funds into online casinos. Reasons for their success include their accessibility in 180 different countries and 17 different currencies, flexible banking methods from within the service, a professional reputation backed by Optimal Payments PLC, a well-known British payments firm, and the best casinos support.

Neteller Overview

Neteller is one of many e-wallet solutions that online gamblers use to transfer funds to and from their casino deposit accounts. E-wallets such as Neteller provide an additional layer of security by keeping your sensitive information in one convenient location.

Unlike credit card / debit card and other payment solutions, obtaining a Neteller account can be done quickly and easily. To begin the process, you simply have to go to the main Neteller website ( and click the “Sign up” button. Fill out the registration form with your details and your account will be ready. No credit checks are necessary, and you can start using it for deposits and transfers to Neteller casinos immediately.

Deposits Withdrawals Options

Adding funds to your Neteller account can be done in several ways. The most popular options are credit or debit cards, Ukash and PaySafeCard vouchers, and bank transfers. They also have dozens of other options that are limited to specific locales, so check Neteller deposit FAQ to see which funding methods will work best for you.

Withdrawing funds from your Neteller account can be done by Member Wire or cheque in virtually all locations. However, users from specific European countries have access to a faster bank transfer method that gets funds delivered straight to a registered bank account.

Neteller Limits and Verification

Although using Neteller account immediately after registation is possible, you will be subject to relatively low limitations until you verify your identity. The verification process is fairly easy though, and you should be able to get your limits raised significantly within 1-2 business days. Until you do so, you will only be able to deposit money into your account, deposit to any member casino, and withdraw from any member casino. To enjoy virtually nonexistent limits, the ability to withdraw from your Neteller account, and the convenient Net+ Prepaid MasterCard, you’ll need to verify.

The process is performed in three parts. First, click the Verify link from within your account and accept the FSCS Warning that they must legally provide to all of their users. Next, send in scanned copies of your proof of identity and proof of address to along with your 12-digit Neteller account number. Finally, either register your bank account (certain European countries only) or your phone number. For more information, visit their support portal and search for “verification”, or contact one of their support representatives to guide you through the process.

Net+ Prepaid MasterCard

One of the best things about Neteller is the fact that you can have instant access to your winnings with their Net+ Prepaid MasterCard. As long as you have a completely verified account, you can take advantage of this convenient tool. Click the “Net+ Cards” link on the left side of your account panel and fill out the application. If approved, your physical card will be sent to your mailing address within 21 days.

If you’d like to use your funds to make online purchases, you can use your Net+ Virtual MasterCard even before your physical card is mailed to your home. In order to keep these transactions more secure, Neteller will generate a new credit card number after every 4 purchases or 47 days of transactions at a particular merchant.


Trustly is an online payment processor that services Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Spain. If you are a registered player at any of the more than 40 online casinos that offer Trustly and you reside in one of their servicing countries, you can use Trustly to make deposits into your casino account directly from your bank account.

Overview of Trustly

Unlike most online payment processors for the online gaming industry, Trustly is not a separate account. Rather, they facilitate transactions directly between you and the casino through your bank account. In many ways, this is ideal: you get the layer of security and convenience that e-wallets provide without the fees, waiting times, or verification periods.


In order to use Trustly, you’ll need to have an account with one of the company’s supported banks. These include most major banks in each of the four countries that Trustly operates in (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Spain). If your bank is not listed when you try to deposit via Trustly, you will need to find an alternative method of depositing.

Depositing with Trustly

To make a deposit into your casino account with Trustly, you’ll need to go into the casino’s cashier and find Trustly in the deposit methods list. Then simply choose your country and the bank where you have an account. You will then be redirected to your bank’s website to complete the payment. This ensures that your most sensitive financial data stays strictly between you and your bank.

Advantages of Trustly

Trustly gives online casino players a funding method that is both quick and secure. Since the actual transaction happens with your bank, you can know for certain that your personal and financial details will not be disclosed at any point. Trustly merely provides a reliable channel for you to deposit, which works out quite well.

Disadvantages of Trustly

Unfortunately, online casino players who do not live in one of Trustly’s four supported countries will not be able to use the service. There are similar services for residents of other countries, however, so you may want to look around before making your next deposit if you like this model.

Additionally, Trustly cannot be used as a withdrawal method. Thankfully, almost every withdrawal method available does let you put funds directly back into your bank account. You can consider making an account with any of the casino’s listed e-wallets or using a direct bank transfer or bank wire service through the casino finance department.


PayPal is the world’s largest e-wallet service with over 100 million members. Like all e-wallets, PayPal allows users to transfer money to and from other accounts without having to disclose sensitive financial information each time. Because of PayPal’s strict policies, only the most prominent online casino operators generally allow it as a method for depositing and withdrawing. Currently, over 200 different online casinos in our database accept this method of payment. So, browse our list of the best PayPal casinos to find the one that suits your preferences.

No US Players

Although PayPal’s primary market is the United States, Americans are strictly forbidden to use PayPal for online gaming transactions; as such, no US-friendly casinos take PayPal. If you are a US player looking for an e-wallet service, most online casinos should be able to accommodate you. Speak with a representative at your chosen casino to discuss alternative options that will work for you.

Obtaining a PayPal Account

In order to get a PayPal account, you will need to go to the PayPal website and click the sign-up link. You will be asked to provide information regarding your identity and verify your email, but the process should take no longer than a few minutes. Once you are inside your PayPal account, you will then want to take a few additional steps to add your bank account and credit card, as well as complete verification to remove your limits. Verification generally only takes a few business days to complete.

How to Deposit with PayPal

To make a deposit through your PayPal casino account, first, log into any online casino that supports it. Make sure that you have selected real money play, then go to the casino’s bank or cashier. Find PayPal under the deposit section and enter the amount you would like to deposit. You will then be prompted to log into your PayPal account to complete the transfer. Funds should be available to play immediately.

If you do not have enough money in your PayPal wallet to cover the cost of the deposit, you can have PayPal bill your credit card directly. To do this, you’ll need to have added and verified your card beforehand. The same process applies upon making a deposit into PayPal casino sites.

Advantages of PayPal

Very few online payment options have the reputation that PayPal does. When you use PayPal to deposit into online casinos, you can have full knowledge that your funds and your personal information are being treated with the utmost care. And since you only have to give your banking information to PayPal once, you don’t run the risk of getting your data stolen.

Disadvantages of PayPal

Although PayPal makes it easy to set up an account, it still takes some time to get your credit card and bank account linked. In some casinos with PayPal deposit method, the verification process may take several business days to complete.

Paysafe Card

Paysafecard is a type of cash voucher that can be used at a variety of online casinos in a number of jurisdictions. Available through a number of retailers, Paysafecard is often chosen for its convenience and security. Currently available in a total of 5 currencies (euro, pound, US dollar, Swiss franc, and Swedish krona), it’s easy to see why Paysafecard is one of the most popular deposit methods worldwide.

No US Dollar Deposits

Because of recent regulation put in place by the United States Department of Justice, Paysafecards funded with the US dollar cannot currently be used at any online casino. However, a select few US-friendly casinos do allow Paysafecard deposits in other currencies. If you’re a US player, ask your casino’s support to see if Paysafecard is an option for you.

Paysafecard Overview

Unlike most other methods of funding an online casino, Paysafecard is not an e-wallet. As such, using it does not require completing any secondary registration forms, verifying any data, or waiting for transactions to get processed. Rather, Paysafecard works on a ticket system that allows you to buy a 16-digit code, then redeem it at any participating merchant for the full cash value.

Obtaining a Paysafecard

The most convenient way to get a Paysafecard is to go to a local certified retailer. If you are unsure where you can get a Paysafecard voucher in your neighbourhood, go to their website and enter your location to get a detailed list of nearby locations. Then simply go to the store and purchase the Paysafecard voucher of your choice. Make sure to specify that you want an over-18 code.

You may also purchase a Paysafecard through a few online exchangers. These are typically more expensive than a store would be and are not nearly as secure, so make sure you pick an exchanger you trust if you opt to go this route. Instead of getting a physical Paysafecard voucher, you will simply get emailed the code. Due to the higher risk of online transactions, good Paysafecard exchangers will also put a password on the code.

Redeeming a Paysafecard

Once you have the Paysafecard 16-digit code, you’ll just have to load the casino of your choice and click Paysafecard in the cashier. This should redirect you to the secure Paysafecard website, where you must enter your code along with a password if it came with one. The funds should then automatically be credited to your casino account.

Advantages of Paysafecard

The most obvious advantage to using Paysafecard is the high level of convenience. In order to get one, all you have to do is take a trip to a local merchant and make the purchase with cash. You don’t have to make an account somewhere or be subjected to long waiting times. Once you’ve got the voucher, you’re free to use it instantly.

Another big plus with Paysafecard is the added security it provides you (assuming you go through a local retailer rather than an online exchanger). The ability to purchase them with plain cash makes them a great way to deposit online without sharing credit card or bank information.

Disadvantages of Paysafecard

Paysafecard is only available in fixed amounts that vary from currency to currency. As such, you may have a difficult time if you like to deposit odd amounts or are a particularly high roller. In these instances, you may want to look into a more practical e-wallet solution.


EntroPay is an e-wallet and payment service under the direction of Visa and MasterCard. Through its services, players can make deposits into their favourite online casinos with the same convenience of a standard credit card. EntroPay is currently regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority and is accepted at over 100 different gaming sites.

EntroPay Overview

Unlike most online payment processors, EntroPay actually combines three different services into one. Of course, they can be used as a simple e-wallet where you can add funds, transfer them, or release them back to your bank account. Their most prominent service, however, is their Prepaid Virtual Visa, an online-only prepaid card that functions much like an e-wallet with the added convenience of being accepted at any location that accepts Visa. Users can also receive a physical Prepaid Plastic MasterCard, which can be used to make purchases in the real world or at any online location that accepts MasterCard. Both cards are linked directly to an EntroPay account.

Adding Funds to Your EntroPay Account

In order to use the e-wallet, the Prepaid Virtual Visa, or the Prepaid Plastic MasterCard, you’ll need to have enough funds in your online account. EntroPay allows you to add money either by using a credit/debit card in your name, or by direct bank transfer. The card option is instant, but EntroPay charges a 4.95% fee for the service. If you do not mind waiting a few days for the deposit to clear, the bank transfer can be a cheaper option.

Using EntroPay at Online Casinos

To use the EntroPay e-wallet at a participating online casino, you’ll simply need to go to the cashier, select EntroPay, enter your desired deposit amount, and finish the transaction. If you want to play at a casino that doesn’t accept EntroPay directly, you should be able to use either your Prepaid Virtual Visa or Prepaid Plastic MasterCard to deposit instead. Just enter your card details like you normally would and the deposit should clear automatically.

Withdrawing via EntroPay

Any casino that accepts EntroPay as a payment method should be able to withdraw back to your account without much of a problem.

If, at any time, you want to withdraw your balance directly out of your EntroPay account, the bank transfer method should work just fine. Of course, you could just as easily spend it on your own time by using either the Virtual Visa or Plastic MasterCard. If you have the Plastic MasterCard, you can also withdraw the funds directly at virtually any ATM.

Advantages of EntroPay

EntroPay is definitely one of the most flexible methods around for funding and withdrawing from an online casino. The ability to treat your EntroPay funds as both an e-wallet and a prepaid card (either through Visa and MasterCard) gives you the ability to deposit at a massive number of online casinos.

The accessibility EntroPay gives you is also unparalleled. Since your funds are linked to an online Visa, as well as a physical MasterCard, you can access your deposits and winnings without having to even withdraw them to your bank account.

Disadvantages of EntroPay

The only con that we can think of regarding EntroPay is the fact that not all casinos offer it directly. Although you can still deposit at these casinos using your prepaid card, you’ll need to find another way to make your withdrawal.

Bank Wire Transfer

A bank wire transfer is a simple method of transferring funds from one bank account to another. In the world of online gaming, bank wire transfers are one of the most consistently available means of transfer for both deposits and withdrawals. Although a bank wire transfer does suffer from a few drawbacks, it is one of the few ways by which a player can directly deposit to or withdraw from an online casino without the use of a third-party merchant.

Overview of Bank Wire Transfers

A bank wire transfer is a type of financial transaction that has been done for decades. Because of the formation of SWIFT, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, this can now be done with ease on an international level. Currently, more than 9000 financial transactors in over 200 countries allow for international bank wires.

Conducting a Bank Wire Transfer

To deposit via a bank wire transfer, you must get the bank details from the online casino you are looking to deposit at. Depending on the casino, these will be located either on their website or only available by talking to a support representative. Then, simply go to your local bank office and ask to conduct a wire transfer to the casino, making sure that you provide details such as the receiving bank’s name and SWIFT number. Finally, contact the casino to get the deposit manually added to your account.

Withdrawing via a bank wire transfer, on the other hand, requires minimal effort. The only thing you’ll need to do is get your bank account number and SWIFT number, which can be obtained by contacting your bank or, in some cases, looking at their website. If you live in Europe, you may need to provide your IBAN number as well. Then simply go into the casino’s cashier, enter the details, and process your cashout.

Advantages of Bank Wire Transfers

The one big plus about using a bank wire transfer to deposit or withdraw from a casino is the lack of a third party other than the banks themselves. Perhaps most importantly, this greatly reduces the risk of identity theft since your details do not leave the casino. Furthermore, although bank wire transfers are not instant, you will not be subject to any processing times imposed by an independent merchant.

Disadvantages of Bank Wire Transfers

The reason most people refrain from using bank wire transfers if an alternative is available is the manual effort required to begin one. Although the convenience of not needing a third party is nice, it can be difficult finding the necessary information you need to conduct either a deposit or a withdrawal.

Depending on your location, bank wire transfers can also be quite expensive. In addition to the processing fees that the casino will sometimes deduct from your cashout amount, your bank will almost certainly charge you once the wire is received. For this reason, most casinos only allow you to withdraw via a wire transfer if your balance is at least several hundreds.


Sofortbanking is an online payment service available for most bank account holders in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the UK, the Netherlands, and Italy. The system has spread rapidly over the past few years and now supports a large portion of most of Europe’s major banks. For online casino players, Sofortbanking provides a quick and safe way to add funds into more than 50 online casinos.

Is Your Bank Accepted?

If you are from one of the listed countries that support Sofortbanking, odds are that your bank is compatible with their services. To make sure, you can go to the Sofortbanking main site and select “For Customers”. Click the “Supported Banks” link on the left side, then select your country and your bank’s sort code.

Depositing with Sofortbanking

Adding money to an online casino account with Sofortbanking is remarkably simple. First load the participating casino’s software, then log in with your account for real money mode. Go to the cashier and enter the amount you wish to deposit, then choose Sofortbanking as the payment method. Pick your country and enter your bank’s basic information to be redirected to your bank’s website. From there, the transaction will be handled directly through your bank. This allows you to transfer funds into your casino balance without disclosing your account number or TAN/PIN to any third party.

Advantages of Sofortbanking

All things considered, Sofortbanking is undoubtedly one of the best payment methods for European online casino players. The company offers the same confidentiality and safety that most online payment processors do, except that it does not sacrifice efficiency in the process. In fact, all deposits can be handled in a matter of moments. You don’t even have to register a separate account or go through any verification hassles.

Another excellent reason to use Sofortbanking is the fact that they do not charge customers for their services. Instead, they rely upon merchant and bank fees to make their business work. As such, you can feel free to deposit as much as your bank will allow you to in a given day and not have to worry about a single fee.

Disadvantages of Sofortbanking

Unfortunately Sofortbanking’s services are limited to players from select European countries who have an account at participating banks. If your bank is not listed on their “Supporting Banks” page, you will simply have to find another way to add funds to your online casino account. Some regions do offer services similar to Sofortbanking’s, so if you are not eligible, check out some of our other deposit methods to see if there is a good alternative.

Another drawback of using Sofortbanking is the fact that you cannot use it to withdraw your casino balance. If you have a winning session, you’ll need to find a separate withdrawal method. To avoid any trouble, we highly recommend sorting this out with a casino support rep before making a deposit.


Bitcoins is the innovative currency of digital age that provides players a safe and easy way to get their money in and out of their casino account. Due to great benefits, the number of online casinos that offer bitcoins as a payment method is growing fast.

What are Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin Casinos are all online casinos that offer bitcoins as a payment method. Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital crypto-currency that has become highly popular in recent years. It is unlike traditional currencies, such as the US Dollar, Euro, and Pound Sterling, because it has no central bank and operates solely in the peer-to-peer marketplace. Therefore, bitcoins can only be transferred between users through bitcoin addresses, which are a series of numbers and letters that range from between 27–34 characters.

There are bitcoins only casinos that deal exclusively with bitcoins. However, there are those that have been operating with traditional currencies, and now are adding bitcoins as another deposit and/or withdrawal method. The second are called hybrid casinos. Most of them will accept deposits via bitcoin and process withdrawals back to a bitcoin address of choice, but they will convert the funds to a traditional currency when you deposit.

How to get bitcoins?

Find a reputable place to buy bitcoins. The easiest choice would be an established exchange service like Bitstamp, BTC-e, or Kraken. The most commonly used way of getting bitcoins is bank transfer (e.g. SEPA, ACH, or wire). However, there are some services that offer other methods like regional payment vouchers, e-wallets, or even credit cards.

Once you have chosen the place and decided on the payment method, you purchase the bitcoins. Trades typically happen instantly and at current market rates. The exchange will typically take a very small commission that pales in comparison to most e-wallet fees.

How to deposit into your casino account?

Upon registration, you will be given your bitcoin address, which you will have to use when you decide to make transactions with an online casino. Depositing money into your casino account is instant and virtually free. You just have to wait for the transaction to be confirmed by the blockchain, which almost always takes less than an hour. Once the funds arrive into your account, you are ready to play.

Also remember to keep an eye on the promotions page, for it’s the same like for traditional transactions. All brands have their own casino bonuses and giveaways that may increase your chances of winning.

How to cash out your winnings?

When you decide to cash out through bitcoin, simply send your coins to your exchange service’s address. You will have to sell them your bitcoins, and request a bank transfer or other withdrawal method. However, if you’d prefer to hold onto the bitcoins, we recommend downloading your own free bitcoin wallet and protecting it with a password. Just be aware that bitcoin prices fluctuate.

What are the perks of playing with bitcoins?

The reason why Bitcoin Casinos have taken the online gambling industry by storm is very simple – they offer plenty of benefits:

First of all, the payment processing is completely safe, easy and free of charge. Many reputable casinos cover the processing fees themselves when dealing with traditional currencies, but in unregulated markets like US, players end up covering fees of up to 10% of their winnings. When playing with bitcoins there are no processing fees whatsoever saving money for both casinos and players.

Another benefit is the fact that Bitcoin isn’t tied to any government or bank. Funds can’t be seized or frozen in the same way that they could if they were held in a bank using traditional currency.

This isn’t a big deal for those living in legal, regulated online gambling markets, but for unregulated markets, this is a very important aspect. For example, it is not unlikely for US players to have their funds frozen. Bitcoin users have complete control over their funds, so situations like this cannot happen.

Anonymity when gambling online is also a great perk. Most Bitcoin Casinos only ask for a player’s email address for password recovery purposes. The vast majority do not ask for personal information, like your name and address.

Games at Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Casinos offer the same games as traditional online casinos. Whether you are an online slots lover, or more of a fan of table games, you needn’t worry. Bitcoin Casinos will have a variety of games to choose from.

It is very often with Bitcoin Casinos to have provably fair gaming, a revolutionary way for determining fair play. Each game calculates provably fair differently, but the concept is becoming widespread across most major Bitcoin Casinos. Players can verify that a game is provably fair by entering bet ID numbers and other information that varies depending on the site.

18+. New players only. One bonus offer per player. Minimum deposit £20 Max bonus bet is £5 Bonus spins on selected games only and must be used within 72 hours. Winnings from Bonus spins credited as bonus funds and capped at £100. Bonus funds must be used within 30 days otherwise any unused bonus shall be removed. Bonus funds are separate to Cash funds, and are subject to 35x wagering the total bonus & cash. Only bonus funds contribute towards any wagering requirements.